Czech Glass Water Bottle

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Reusable glass water bottle
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Czech Glass Water Bottle

Czech Glass Water Bottle 0,5l

Modern society produces an unsustainable amount of plastic waste. We are extremely lucky here in Europe where potable water flows almost everywhere and it’s even free in most cases. Imagine that this is certainly not a standard on other continents. We can’t by any means justify buying water in disposable plastic bottles, we must start behaving more responsibly. Having your own reusable water bottle is a good start.

Why this water bottle?

It’s Czech glass! The Czech Republic has a historical tradition in glass making and it’s entirely up to our generation to maintain it! Glass does not bear any risk of microplastics, glass is inert and it will last you a lifetime. Unless you break it, it’s glass after all :-)

Contrary to plastic or metal, glass does not add any weird taste to your beverage. Our water bottle has a slim ”waist“, which makes it perfect to grab and less likely to slip.


CAUTION: This water bottle is made for carrying hot or cold beverages. It was not made for a freezer. Always wash the mug before the first use, either in a dishwasher or with warm water with dish detergent. Never use abrasive dish detergents on the mug. If the mug is hot, do not pour cold liquid into it and do not put the mug onto cold or wet surface. If the mug contains hot beverage, always put it out of the reach of children.

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