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Disposable Absorbent Inserts Bamboolik, 3 Pcs

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Disposable inserts with SAP gel for toddlers. A great solution when travelling or when doing the laundry is not possible
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Disposable Absorbent Inserts Bamboolik, 3 Pcs

Disposable Absorbent Inserts Bamboolik




Do you use cloth diapers, vacation is approaching and you want to enjoy the summer without a washing machine on hand? Or, do you use disposable diapers on a daily basis and a thought crosses your mind from time to time - wouldn’t it be possible without those big piles of waste? In both cases, you’ll find your solution here!

Disposable absorbent inserts are meant to be used with a Diaper Cover made of modern membrane-like material. Diaper Cover keeps liquids inside but is breathable at the same time - your loved one’s bum never gets too hot! After use, you just throw away the disposable insert, let the Diaper Cover air out for a while (that’s why we recommend to have at least two Diaper Covers at disposition) and simply put another disposable insert in. That means Diaper Cover can be used repeatedly, you wash it only when dirty or once in a few weeks. (How to decide whether a Diaper Cover should be washed or not? Follow your own nose :) ). In case Diaper Cover gets soiled, you can wash it in hand, it takes minutes and it’ll dry really fast, so you’ll be able to use it again in no time.

Disposable inserts are made of either cellulose (version Newborn) or of a combination of cellulose and absorbing SAP gel (version Toddler) that boosts the insert’s absorbency level significantly.



Using is quite simple:

1) Place a disposable insert into a diaper cover so that it covers most of the diaper cover’s inside.

2) For a longer changing interval (e.g. for a nap) or for more producing babies, we recommend to use two disposable inserts.

3) Change every 2-3 hours at the least or immediately after poop.

4) After use, put soiled inserts into waste bin. You don’t have to wash your diaper cover after every use (in case it’s not dirty), it only needs to be aired out a while (e.g. one changing interval) and can be used again.

ATTENTION: Never throw disposable inserts into toilet, otherwise you may clog it!



The disposable inserts may also be used with the empty pocket of the Pocket Diaper. Just place the disposable insert onto the pocket, not inside. Unlike the Diaper Cover, we recommend washing the pocket after every use, just like you always do with your Pocket Diapers. The Training Pants will work the same way for you.


You can also have a look at our blog article: Disposable Inserts - FAQ



The Inserts are not bleached with chlorine and do not contain any perfume or other additives. They are not water resistant, a diaper cover has to be used over them.

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