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Stock Clearance Disposable Diaper Liners - Economy
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Disposable Diaper Liners - Economy

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Diaper liners for easy and hygienic removal of poo and for keeping your baby dry
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Disposable Diaper Liners - Economy

Separation liners - Economy - 100/ 2 x 100 Pcs




Separation liners -  to get rid of stool easily and cleanly and to keep your baby feeling dry all the time.



How to use it? It's very simple:


1. Lay the separation liner on a diaper. Try to cover as much of the diaper as possible with the liner, making sure the liner does not protrude outside.

2. Put the diaper on your baby as usual. The separation liner will reduce the feeling of wetness on the baby´s skin. Change your baby at least every 2 - 3 hours or as soon as possible after poop.

3. When the diaper has been used, remove it from the baby and hold the separation liner by its clean edges, taking it away from the used diaper so that all the content remains in the separation liner. If the liner is just wet, it can be washed and reused on condition you use a washing bag. By doing so the liner can last up to 4 washing cycles.

4. Dispose of the separation liner along with its content. Thanks to the liner, the diaper does not contain any poop so you can just put it in

 the laundry basket or washing machine straight away, as if it was only wet.



ATTENTION! Never throw separation liners in the toilet as they can clog the waste pipes!



Try also our Diaper Liners Deluxe, a more luxury version of the separation diaper liners. 



Pieces per pack: 100/ 2 x 100 pcs

Size: 17×30 cm 

Material: 100% polypropylene

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Disposable Diaper Liners - Economy, 200 Pcs Disposable Diaper Liners - Economy, 200 Pcs Art.No.: 96103 Stock Clearance
Ready for Shipping
Diaper liners for easy and hygienic removal of poo and for keeping your baby dry
6,3 € (net)
7,6 €