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Fleece Liners - Set, 10 Pcs

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Fleece Separation liners: cleanliness for parents, dryness for the baby
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Fleece Liners - Set, 10 Pcs

Fleece liners




Fleece liners: keep it clean for parents, dry for babies!

Clean for parents: Fleece liner protects the diaper from stool. You simply flush the content of the liner in the toilet or shower it away and then put your diapers in your diaper pail. Nothing to be soaked or pre-washed.

Dry for babies: Fleece always feels dry! Thus, it can keep you baby’s skin dry even if the diaper under it is really wet.


Put the Fleece Liner on the diaper that is ready to be changed. Fleece will create a barrier between your baby’s bum and the diaper. Change your baby as usual, making sure that nothing sticks out of the shell of the diaper. After use, shake stool in the toilet if necessary. In case the diaper is only peed on, put the Fleece Liner in your diaper pail with the other used diapers. You wash it the same way as regular diapers.

Great helper in potty training:

With small babies, we recommend to use fleece liners (or fleece AIO diapersall the time so that they feel comfortably dry under any circumstances. Thanks to constant dry feeling, your baby will get used to this sensation as normal and comfortable. As your baby grows, you can start swapping the fleece layer for bamboo rayon at times when your baby is fully awake and aware. In bamboo rayon, your baby will quickly realize that a pee has been done in the diaper and usually lets you know about it. Thanks to that, you can immediately change your baby into clean diapers and consequently teach your baby this simple idea: It’s normal to feel dry – when I pee, it doesn’t feel that great – when I let my parents know, they will change me and everything will be fine once again.

Children are the most perceptible creatures. With a little help from parents, they can be potty trained without even realizing it.





Be careful with bum creams. With cloth diapers, you don’t really need them anyway (as you can learn in our article Cloth diapers for better health). In case the cream is necessary for some reason, use only a thin layer. Too thick a layer makes it impossible for the skin to breathe plus “impregnates” the diaper, making it less absorbing.



Material: 100% polyester

Measurements: 14 x 30 cm, set of 5 or 10 pieces

Grammage: 160g/m2


Care Symbols / Fleece Liners

Weight 0.07 kg
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Fleece Separation liners: cleanliness for parents, dryness for the baby
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