For Baby - Zero Waste SET, MEDIUM

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For Baby - Zero Waste SET, MEDIUM

For Baby – MEDIUM Zero Waste SET


Expecting a baby? You have most likely experienced this: as soon as you told people the happy news, you started seeing ads for all the necessities you just HAVE TO buy in order for your baby to survive. Well. We hate to break it to you but it’s very likely you won’t need half of the things you buy (we’ve all been there, don’t worry ;-)). Moreover, a lot of these ‘’necessities‘’ are single-use items!


If you’re thinking about your ecological footprint, it probably gets you wondering – do we really need all of this? Isn’t there an eco-friendlier way? Generally, you don’t like the idea of burdening your children with a heavy ecological footprint at the very start of their lives.


That’s why we’re here with our Zero Waste Sets For Baby (and for the expectant mother). And you don’t have to convert to cloth diapers exclusively. (However, if you have, we congratulate you! You have just saved the environment from approximately a ton (!) a of non-biodegradable waste.)


Almost every disposable product has a reusable alternative. And it can be as functional and effective as its disposable counterpart! Modern materials and appliances make our lives easier in many ways, blessed be the washing machine :-)

And what are the alternatives? Ditch wet wipes, switch to cloth wipes and natural cleansing oil (not only the environment will thank you for that; your baby’s sensitive skin will most likely be thankful, too). Washable nursing pads are the best invention as they are truly waterproof (precisely, milk proof). And we can go on and on.

Complete list of Set contents:



Colour/ Patern

Small Handbag

1 Grey Triangles

Reusable Zero Waste All-Purpose Bag



Little wet bag (size XS)


Grey + Yellow (1+1)

Bamboo Napkin - 20x20 cm, 10-pack set



Happy Bottom washing Oil 



Happy Bottom spray bottle



Washable Shaped Nursing Pads - 3 pairs set



Little Wet Bag - size Mini


Grey + Yellow (1+1)

Zero Waste Bits & Pieces Pouch

1 Yellow

Cloth Menstrual Pads Organic Cotton


Washable Organic Cotton Panty Liners



Raise your baby in an eco-friendly way. From the very start.


Why Bamboolik?

Weight 1.5 kg
Use Hygiene
Pieces per Pack 28
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