Set of Short Czech Glass Drink Straws , 2 short straws, cleaning brush, small bag Grey

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Set of Short Czech Glass Drink Straws , 2 short straws, cleaning brush, small bag Grey

Set of Short Czech Glass Drink Straws 


This Set contains:

2 short straw, 1 cleaning brush, 1 small bag in chosen colour


Because our planet is not a single-use item! And because an eco-friendly product that has to travel half the world to get to you, is not eco-friendly any more.


Why reusable drink straw?

Modern society produces a horrendous amount of waste in form of disposable plastic. It’s unsustainable! Our goal is to offer eco-friendly alternatives of favourite disposable products; straws being one of them. Apart from actual straw (which would not last very long, we suppose ;-)), straws can generally be made of bamboo, glass or stainless steel. We have a historical tradition in glass making in the Czech Republic, so our choice Is pretty obvious.


So it’s made in the Czech Republic?

Of course! The whole production is located here. Our glass drink straws will come to you from the middle of Europe.


Does is break easily?

Not at all! The glass we use is pretty tough, you don’t have to worry about breaking it. Or biting it off J It survives even a fall on the ground (a free fall, that is, we do not recommend smashing it against the ground). Plus, glass is just beautiful – aren’t you already picturing it in a glass of refreshing Aperol Spritz? ;-)


Short or long?

That depends. Short straw is perfect for children. Or for short drinks. Long straw means long drinks and long summer evenings :-)



We suppose it’s pretty obvious, but still. Wash the straws thoroughly before you first use them and then after every use. You can wash the straws in the washing machine but always use a cleaning brush as well. The straws are thin and the brush is the only way how to properly clean their insides.



Length: Long Straw 22 cm, Short Straw 14 cm

Inner Diameter: 5 mm

Outer Diameter: 7 mm

Weight 0.03 kg
Colour/ Pattern Grey
Purpose Dining
Size short