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Caressy blanket for bonding: cherish the first moments with your newborn cuddled in the softest bamboo rayon!


The term bonding is used for uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact of a newborn with his or her mother immediately after birth. It helps to create the first (and most precious) bond between the child and the mother, who are just getting to know each other, falling in love with each other. These moments are the most important ones, as we described in our article about bonding or in an interview with a doula

As bonding takes place right after birth, it's necessary to keep the baby warm. The mother's body has the ideal temperature but a cover-up is still necessary. Cotton sheets, often used for this purpose, are not warm enough and they can even feel slightly cold, especially when wet.

A blanket is a better option, ideally with two layers of different materials - one soft and cosy for the baby and the other warming and cuddly. The recommended colour for a bonding blanket is red as this color reminds the babies of their mummy´s belly, where they spent last nine months (to this point, their whole life) and felt so safe.



Our touching video will give you an idea of the beautiful moments you can enjoy with your baby under the bonding blanket:



Contact side: 95 % bamboo rayon, 5 % elastane.

Fluffy side: 100 % polyester.

Wash before first use. Wash at 40°C maximally and with similar colours. Don’t use fabric softeners, don’t tumble dry or iron.

Care Symbols Blanket

Size: about 100x70cm