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Washable Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads - 10-Pack + Laundry Bag Small

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Washable cleansing pads from organic cotton. For easy, economical and ecological skin care and make-up removal. Pad diameter ca 8.5 cm.
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Washable Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads - 10-Pack + Laundry Bag Small

Washable Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads


Why reusable cleansing pads?

Because Bamboolik has a vision: minimize disposable products. We think the number of disposable products people use on a daily basis is pretty scary. Our planet should not be treated as a single-use item!

We believe that everyone can take small steps towards a more eco-friendly home. And one of the first steps could be getting rid of disposable cleansing pads.

Why organic cotton?

It’s gentle. Towards the skin as well as towards the environment. Cultivation of organic cotton requires no GMOs, no pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers. We tested the pads on our own skin! They’re perfect even for people with super sensitive or allergic skin.

How to use Washable Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads:

Use our Cleansing Pads as you would use disposable ones – just wash them after use. Cleansing Pads can be used with any product from your usual skincare routine. We just wouldn’t recommend using  them with nail polish remover as nail polish doesn’t wash well.

Our Cleansing Pads have two sides – soft and coarse. The coarse side has a gentle peeling effect, the  soft side feels like a gentle stroke from your loved one.

Cleansing Pads are machine-washable at 60oC, can be tumble dried as well. Don’t use fabric softeners on them, they might create unwanted build-up in the pads. We recommend to wash the pads in a small laundry bag, they stay together during washing and don’t get lost in the dark corners of your washing machine. For more information about maintenance, look here.


Composition: 100% organic cotton with GOTS certification

What is GOTS certification?

It’s the highest international certification in biotextile industry. GOTS certificate guarantees that the production of both organic cotton and the final product is 100% eco-friendly and fulfils all the relevant standards. Moreover, GOTS means that the working conditions of those involved in the production are ethical and fair.



Why Zero Waste Bag Mini?

For storing our Washable Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads or their transport. Waterproof bag, thus perfect for storing used pads as well. Machine washable at 60oC. An essential part of an eco-friendly home.


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