Zero Waste Set TO GO

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Zero Waste Set TO GO

Zero Waste Set TO GO


Eco-friendly home, ready to travel. Ditch plastic bags, foil wrap and aluminium foil and switch to reusable alternatives. Why? Because our planet is not a single-use item, we should stop treating it as such. And our Zero Waste Set TO GO is here to help you with that.


Because the less people take plastic straws with their drinks, refuse paper cups for their coffee or take their own water bottle with them, the better!  For all of us. (Speaking of water bottle: We’re so lucky to live in Europe, where there‘s potable water almost anywhere we go! We really should think twice before buying another plastic bottle, drink the contents and throw it away.)


Bamboolik’s mission is to eliminate the use of disposable products. In case you’d like to join us (we would love you to!), you can start with our Zero Waste Set TO GO. 

There are two sizes to choose from - have a look at the contents of each set below.

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